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29 November 2019

Surgical treatment of spinal stenosis

We are pleased to announce that we have a new video available on our website about the surgical treatment of spinal stenosis. The range of treatment options for spinal stenosis, and the risks and benefits of each, should be discussed with your doctor.

29 November 2019

What is spinal stenosis?

We're pleased to announce that we have a new video available on our website talking about lumbar spinal stenosis and its symptoms. Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal - the space within the vertebrae for the nerves.

12 November 2019

"The Tiger Operation"

This is a topical issue raised by patients who want their back fixed. As you may know, Tiger Woods returned to win the US Masters competition in 2019, having left competitive golf in 2014 due to intractable back pain. Having had multiple operations on his knees, he then required a discectomy and a laminectomy for disc degeneration and nerve compression. With further difficulties in his back, Tiger had an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion, or ALIF.

8 October 2019

Top ten tips for a healthy back

Wednesday, 16 October, the first day of the Annual Meeting, coincides with World Spine Day this year. The aim is to raise awareness of back pain and other spinal issues.

25 September 2019

EUROSPINE Patient Day 2019

During EUROSPINE 2019, the patient information event will be held in Finnish on Wednesday, 16 October from 14:30–17:00 in room 208 at the congress venue. The entry is free of charge.

13 August 2019

Digital Natives and Posture

We live in an era where health information is available at your fingertips through search engines, and everyone can publish their advice online. It can be challenging to distinguish between expert opinions and common myths about posture, in particular as it relates to posture and back pain in young digital natives. That's why we quote in this article some of the recent expert studies on the topic of posture and digital natives.

13 April 2018

Before surgery

PATIENT LINE asked spine professionals what they would advise a patient who is not certain about whether or not to go ahead with surgery.

7 February 2018

EUROSPINE Foundation

A non-profit, charitable organisation funding spine education and research

10 October 2017

EUROSPINE Patient Day 2017

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 14:00-17:05

21 September 2017

What every patient should know before surgery

Written by Derek T. Cawley

9 September 2017

What can you expect after surgery and what can you do to make things easier for yourself?

Listen to 3 basic messages given by Tamar Pincus, Chair of the Patient Line Committee.

EUROSPINE is a society of spine specialists of various disciplines with a large knowledge of spine pathologies. All well-known and accepted treatment modalities for spine pathologies are represented by the members of the society. However, the Society cannot accept any responsibility for the use of the information provided; the user and their health care professionals must retain responsibility for their health care management.
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