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Spinal Stenosis - Diagnosis

Most doctors use a combination of tools, including:


The doctor will begin by asking the patient to describe any symptoms he or she is having and how the symptoms have changed over time. These symptoms include:
  • leg or buttock pain while walking
  • stooping forward to relieve symptoms
  • feeling relief when using a shopping cart or bicycle
  • muscle weakness or numbness while walking
  • low back pain

Physical Examination

The doctor will then examine the patient by checking for any limitations of movement in the spine, problems with balance and signs of pain. The doctor will also look for any loss of arm or leg reflexes, muscle weakness, loss of touch, or abnormal reflexes which may suggest spinal cord involvement.


After examining the patient, the doctor can use a variety of tests to look at the inside of the body. Examples of these tests include:
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) – this is the least invasive but can often take about 45mins of lying still in a tunnel
  • CT Scan (Computerized axial tomography) – to further evaluate the bones.
  • X-rays – these tests can show the structure of the vertebrae and the outlines of joints and when performed erect then shows the spinal alignment.
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