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Trauma - Trattamento

If surgery is needed, the main focus is to prevent the fracture from progressing and causing further damage, either to the spinal cord or to the normal posture of the spine. Fractures of the spine can cause increased rounding of the spine (kyphosis) which can lead to pain and dysfunction because of the changes in posture. Therefore, most often, the surgical treatment is fixation of by screws and rods, placed over and under the affected vertebrae, thereby preventing further deforming changes in the posture. If surgical treatment is not indicated, a corset or brace is usually applied. The corset works as partly pain reducing, or can reduce the degree of posture changes as the fracture heals.

Initially a spinal fracture is associated with a great deal of pain but this acute pain usually subsides within 4-8 weeks. In spite of surgical treatment, or treatment with a corset, some may experience ongoing pain and posture changes (increased kyphosis) after having a spinal fracture and are recommended to discuss this with their Dr and physiotherapist.
EUROSPINE è una società di specialisti della colonna vertebrale appartenenti a varie discipline con una vasta conoscenza delle malattie della colonna vertebrale. I membri della società rappresentano tutte le modalità di trattamento consolidate e accettate delle malattie della colonna vertebrale. Tuttavia, la Società non può accettare alcuna responsabilità per l'uso delle informazioni fornite; l'utilizzatore e i suoi operatori sanitari devono essere ritenuti responsabili della gestione dell'assistenza sanitaria.
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