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Whiplash - Diagnosis

Common symptoms include:

  • neck pain
  • stiffness in your neck
  • headaches
  • painful to move your head
  • reduced movement of your head and neck
  • pain, tingling (radiating symptoms) spreading towards your shoulders and arms
  • serious physical injury is rare.

Symptoms / Tests / Signs

  • Whiplash can be diagnosed by your symptoms.
  • The doctor can prescribe medication.
  • An MRI scan (magnetic imaging) is generally not helpful unless surgery is needed but this is very unlikely.
  • Sometimes, after a whiplash accident, it can take several hours/days for you to feel pain or other symptoms and these can get worse a few days after the accident.
  • Visit your family doctor or the hospital if you had a whiplash injury and you are experiencing severe symptoms such as numbness in the arms, dizziness, migraines, vomiting, trouble walking or generally feeling unwell.
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